Surface RT Has A Bit More Fight Left In It

As the first ever tablet from Microsoft, Surface RT has had to ride against the wind since release. From being oust of stock at the very start, to exclusivity at Microsoft Stores, then being riddled with various bugs and errors, and the imminent arrival of the Pro version, the slate has had it tough.

In fact, analysts estimated 1 million Surface RT sold in the first quarter on the market, which is a sever leagues behind Apple’s iPad figure of 20 million, the market leader.

The general word on the street is that this is a device that failed to live up to expectations.

But with passing time, things seem to be looking up for the tablet. Latest data provided by AdDuplex shows that Surface RT is currently the most popular Windows 8 device in the world, with an overall market share of 7.6 percent.

These statistics are obviously based on impressions recorded in the first two weeks of the month, right after the busy holiday season.

While the Surface with Windows RT tablet clearly leads this category, HP sits cozily in the second and third place — with HP Pavilion g6 at 4.2 percent and HP 2000 at 3 percent respectively.

Windows 8 on the whole also continues its climb, and Microsoft’s latest operating system has been detected on well over 7,400 devices this month. A big number, primed to go even bigger.

Showing that more and more manufacturers are embracing Microsoft’s flagship OS.

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