Surface RT Having Trouble With Updating Windows and Windows Apps?

Although the Surface RT is a solid tablet, like all hardware products regardless of the brand, it is bound to run into bugs and other performance issues from time to time.

Now it seems that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet’s firmware update last month is causing some trouble for some users according to a series of issues being reported on the Surface community forum.

So what’s the problem? Apparently Windows Update is refusing to successfully load or search for updates, though some cases report it has been solved by a simple reboot. The issue is said to sometimes reoccur even after it is supposedly “fixed” after said reboot. Beyond Windows Updates, the same problem is happening for normal app updates as well. It is currently unknown whether these are two separate issues/bugs or are connected to the same problem (though being related makes the most sense).

Reports of the bug go back as far as January 10th and continue all the way up to today. Microsoft has yet to comment directly on the issue but apparently a fellow by the user name “Steven_B” claims he is a Surface Support Engineer and that Microsoft is looking into the issue, so hopefully it will be resolved soon. Keep in mind that this is a firmware problem supposedly, so it should only apply to Surface RT devices and not all Windows RT tablets.

Microsoft has been pretty quick to respond to bugs and other reported issues as soon as possible, but unfortunately they can’t catch or fix everything instantly.

The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be a problem for everyone. Have you recently checked app and Windows updates on your Surface RT? Is everything working like it should be or are you having problems as well?

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