Surface RT Is Still King Of The Windows 8 Mountain

Surface Pro may be getting all the attention around the world as Redmond rushes to fill orders, and lucky buyers showcasing their slates to the world, but Surface RT is not at all lost in this little scurry.

Microsoft continues to advertise the Surface RT around the world, as the consumer tablet continues debuting in several new markets. And the company’s efforts are not going in vain.

The latest data released by AdDuplex for the month of February confirms that Surface RT has held its position as the most popular Windows 8 (and Windows RT) device in the market, with a solid share of 6.8 percent.

The gap however is closing fast as HP Pavilion g6 is breathing on its neck at 4.2 percent.

The next two positions are also occupied by HP, with the HP 2000 and HP Pavilion g7 staking claim to 3.2 percent and 1.9 percent respectively.

You may be wondering where Surface Pro numbers are. The premium slate only arrived on the market earlier this month, and this new data does not yet make the above chart.

Still, AdDuplex verified that the Pro tablet made an appearance at the 52nd position on the list. If everything goes according to plan, expect this number to rise fast in the coming months, along with the sturdy old Surface RT.

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