Surface RT Is The Most Popular Windows 8 Device

AdDuplex had this to say:

“Surface is still the most popular device, but its lead is not as stunning as it was last month – down 5% to 6% overall this month. It’s followed by 3 inexpensive notebook models from HP. Surface’s direct competitor – ASUS VivoTab RT is at #8 with 1%. Overall we’ve registered more than 5,500 different Window 8/RT devices (up from a little over 3,000 last month).”
Microsoft’s Surface RT has struggled to a good launch, with experts citing limited distribution as one of the biggest reasons for the low numbers. Microsoft is reportedly preparing to fix the availability issues by allowing 3rd party stores to sell Surface RT. This new strategy is already sketched for several countries the world over. An announcement could be made later this week, with the devices set to debut before Christmas.]]>

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