Surface RT Still The Most Popular Windows 8 Device Ever

data provided by advertising network AdDuplex for the month of September 2014, the Surface RT is currently the number one Windows 8 device on the market — with an impressive enough share of 9.82%. The update, Surface 2, comes in second place with 2.41%. Perhaps the most interesting gains have been made by the Surface Pro 3, which has overtaken the Surface Pro 2 by some distance, ending up with a 0.92% share, a feather shy of the 0.93% of the original Surface Pro. A bunch of other cheaper laptops and tablets make the rest of the pie. We’ve heard reports that the original Surface RT sold really well once it was discounted, and these statistics seem to confirm that this is by far the best selling Surface device on the market. All eyes are now on how well the Surface Pro 3 performs, and when (and if) Microsoft launches the Surface 3, the third generation Windows RT device.]]>

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