Surface Still King Of Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft now has two devices running Windows 8 on the market. One runs the Pro version of its latest operating system, and another is powered by the RT variant.

The latest data published by AdDuplex (collected before March 22) shows that the RT version of Surface remains the number one device running Microsoft’s new platform with a solid 6.2 percent worldwide market share.

Two HP devices follow — Pavilion g6 with 3.8 percent and HP 2000 with 3.6.

And if you were expecting to see the Surface Pro finally break into the top 10, you will have to wait a little more. The flagship Windows 8 Pro slate from Microsoft made a climb up, but it still is at the 25th position in the latest statistics.

Nevertheless, this is an impressive ascent from the 52nd position in the previous listing.

Breakdown further shows that 90 percent of the Surface buyers in the United States are riding on the RT version of the slate and only 10 percent have managed to get a hand on the Pro model.

It will be quite interesting to see how things change, say a year from now, when the tablets make their ways around the four corners of the globe.

Microsoft has not yet announced any concrete dates for the release of the Surface Pro model in any other markets. At the time of this writing, the United States and Canada remain the only two countries where the Surface Pro is available.

Surface RT, on the other hands is slowly finding its way to store shelves in new markets. And depending on sales, the device is well on its way to grab a bigger share of the Windows 8 devices pie.

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