Surface Studio 2 Specs Show Weak Sauce

Come on, Microsoft, I mean, come on! It appears that Surface Studio 2 could soon be a reality, considering the original model is turning two years old this year.

However, if you were a fan holding out for the successor, you may be a bit disappointed to hear what this stylish all-in-one PC may house under the hood. And that is because a benchmark listing reveals that the second-generation model is not as impressive as some would have liked.

Data from Geekbench shows that Redmond has decided to go with a 7th generation Intel processor for the device, also known as Kaby Lake.

Odd choice, no matter which angle you look at it.

Forgoing newer and more powerful 8th generation CPUs, and releasing such a minor update for internals after two years on the market is a baffling decision. What with newer chips having been out for quite some time.

The device in question also has 32GB of RAM, though it is almost certain that other variants would be available for the Surface Studio 2 when it becomes available.

That said, the first-generation model was heavily criticized by some customers due to its underwhelming performance — particularly in the graphics department. That one featured NVIDIA GeForce 965M and 980M mobile GPUs.

And though we don’t know what graphics this new model packs, it is important for Microsoft to go all out for hardware prowess considering this one may last another two years on the market.

Such excellent exterior, if let down by internals, sure can be disappointing.

Hopefully, we get a better picture at the October 2 event that Microsoft is set to host. No confirmation yet what the company will announce there, but it seems a Surface Studio 2 might well be among the new releases.

Bring on the goodness!

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