Surface Studio 3 photo surfaces

September 28, 2022

A familiar sight. A leaked photo has made its way out via an FCC document that may have given us our first look at the next Surface Studio. Which by most accounts is to go by as Surface Studio 3.

This upcoming device is not new.

It has, in fact, been in the news lately via speculations and leaks. Most recently, barely a week ago where an FCC filing submitted by Microsoft made its way out pointing to this AIO device and providing us with precious few hints at what it may bring.

Well, mostly that it belonged to a desktop computer category and came with an Intel processor under the hood.

Good thing then that this new FCC filing actually comes with a photo of the entry. The device appears to be in testing phase in the image, which could be an indication that it is about to be released — likely at the company’s showcase event scheduled for October 12.

This is the Surface Studio 3 smiling for the camera:

Surface Studio 3 Photo

The design of the machine displayed in the photo is very much similar to the Surface Studio 2, meaning this is a sort of confirmation that Microsoft is not going in with radically different aesthetics for its latest all-in-one machine.

And this is a real disappointment for fans who were hoping to see something new from Microsoft in this regard. It has been four years since the last Surface Studio, after all, which is more than enough time to try something new and exciting with regards to the form factor.

Same also holds true for the accompanying accessories that the company seems to be preparing.

The FCC filing report date is actually marked as September 16, proving that this is a recently captured photo of the device.

With no other detail of note the device accompanying this latest leak, we will have to wait for the showcase event next month to get an official idea of the sort of hardware changes Redmond has reserved for its desktop computer.

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