Surface Tablet Is Cheaper In The UK Than All Other Markets

Well, what do you know! While almost everyone you talk to complains (rightly, it must be said) about exuberant and high prices of technology goods in the United Kingdom, it seems there are exceptions to almost everything these days.

Take the Surface tablet for example — both the RT and Pro version of the slate are more affordable for UK businesses than any other part of the globe.

Microsoft has just rolled out a new program allowing companies and enterprises to purchase Surface tablets in bulk, and it appears the UK is getting some extra special love from Redmond.

A report by IT Pro shows that UK enterprises can get their hands (figuratively speaking, of course) on Surface RT and Pro tablets at a lower price than end users.

This special promo is actually not (yet) available in the United States, just in case you were wondering.

A Surface RT tablet with 32GB of storage capacity is available in the UK for £332.50, essentially £66 less than the consumer price, says the report above. The 64GB version without a Touch Cover is also more affordable for businesses, coming in at £399.17.

The end users, on the other hand, have to fork no less than £480.

As you may already be aware, things are different in the United States, as both consumers and businesses have to pay $499 for the most basic Surface RT slate, all the way up to $999 for the Pro version with 128GB of storage capacity.

Living in the UK does have some impressive perks, after all, it seems. Agree?

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