Surface Tablets Get Several Performance Enhancements In Patch Tuesday Update

Owners of Surface tablets were eagerly awaiting this month’s Patch Tuesday update as Microsoft had promised to release several performance improvements along with bug fixes for both Surface RT and Surface Pro line of slates.

And as expected, both models received major upgrades in the latest Patch Tuesday update.

A post on the official support forum details that the newest update fixes the Wi-Fi reliability issue and allows for better roaming. The troubling limited connectivity issues have also been taken care of.

Hopefully this seals the deal for a lot of Surface RT and Pro tablets that experienced Wi-Fi connectivity problems over the past couple of months.

In addition to that, patches that solve issues with the integrated volume button are also included, as is the random sound muting bug and trackpad performance improvements.

But one of the most important new additions is Windows To Go — a new Windows 8 feature that allows users to install the operating system on a USB drive, with the ability to use it on a different computer.

What this means is that Surface Pro users can now run Windows To Go installations too, an important new feature for those that seek enhanced mobility.

And finally, Microsoft has also bundled in a fix to improve keyboard synchronization when the device goes in and out of the sleep mode. Several users had reported that the Surface Pro failed to resume after going into sleep mode.

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