Surface Tablets Only Make Up 0.4% Of Web Traffic

By now, few would deny that Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface RT, has been slow off the marks. Redmond has been mum on the official sales figures of the device up till now, though unofficial estimates are all that encouraging either.

Surface RT is finding its way in buyer’s hands, but awfully slowly at that.

The latest figures provided by Chitika Insights show that Microsoft Surface has so far only raked up 0.4 percent of the tablet web traffic between January 9 and January 27 this year.

As you can see, Surface RT still has a few leagues to cover before it can find a place among tablets like BlackBerry PlayBook, Acer Iconia and Asus Transformer. While devices like Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy line of tablets, Google Nexus tablets are even further ahead in this chart.

Market leader, Apple iPad seem to be on another planet altogether with its 81 percent share.

These obviously are all tablets combined (as in all iPads and all Kindle Fire tablets), but at least, Surface RT is ahead of HP TouchPad and Unidentifiable Android tablets.

Microsoft will be hoping to see some significant improvements in the market share graphs, as it not only prepares to unleash the Surface Pro in a few days’ time, but also improve the availability of Surface RT in various other markets around the world.

I personally cannot wait for next month’s stats, and whether Surface manages to show some gains.

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