Surface Tablets To Debut In New Markets In The Second Half Of 2013

There has been nothing bombastic on the Surface tablet front these past few weeks. It’s business as usual, as Microsoft seems to have nailed a lot of the issues that affected its premier slates.

Oh, and the technology titan has made efforts to iron out the supply issues — the result being that both tablets are now easily available across most parts of the North American continent.  This is good news keeping in mind how hard securing a Surface tablet was recently in the United States and Canada.

But as far as increasing the retail presence in other countries is concerned, Microsoft has been somewhat quiet after promising that it will launch the tablets in new countries as soon as it possibly can.

Now it seems that South Africa is on Redmond’s radar for the Surface tablets. While no specifics are provided, it appears that the Surface slates are coming to South Africa in the second half of the year.

The company announced this in a tweet via its MicrosoftSA Twitter account:

“Indications are that Surface will launch in South Africa in the 2nd half of 2013.”

As things stand, Microsoft is busy trying to expand the international availability of the Surface Pro in Europe, with countries like the UK, Germany and France in line to get their hands on the sleek and powerful slate by the summer.

The Surface RT, on the other hand, has recently launched in a number of important markets around the world, with Japan and New Zealand being of major note.

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