Surface To Be Available At Major Retailers In Australia

covered it a couple of days back. Bet you did not know that the company is very close to reaching an agreement with some of the largest retailers over in the land down under. JB HiFi and Harvey Normal, two of the biggest retail stores in Australia are pretty much ready to sell Microsoft Surface tablets. Smarthouse is reporting that both these stores could stock up Surface tablets before Christmas. Scott Browning, who is a marketing director over at JB HiFi, was quoted as saying:

“We have been talking to Microsoft for some time about selling their Surface tablet. It’s now a question of stock levels and whether we can get the device into stores prior to Christmas”.
Hmm. Seems legit. Obviously this is Australia, but the rest of the countries could follow suit very soon. And since this is the RT version of the device (which is said to be selling like cold cakes) it makes all kinds of sense. Now whether Microsoft pulls the some shots when the Pro version of Surface is released remains to be seen. That premium slate capable of running Windows 8 Pro with all legacy applications is, after all, a crown jewel for the Redmond company. I guess we will know soon enough. Analysts claim that Microsoft’s inability to launch the Surface tablets in volume at major retailers is one of the reasons for slow and sluggish sales. The lack of distribution and scattered launch is said to have left Microsoft’s tablet plans in a bit of disarray for now. This, nevertheless, is a commendable step — one that should be scaled to not only in the United States, but the rest of the world as well.]]>

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