Survey Shows That 74 Percent Of Windows 8 Users Like The New OS

Four months into launch, Microsoft’s newest operating system is still suffering from lackluster demand and slow adaption. But those who have made the jump seem to love the experience.

At least, if you go by this Best Buy survey that was published by Wall Street Journal recently.

It shows that 74 percent of the users who purchased a touchscreen device powered by Windows 8 say that they like the new software somewhat or very much.

The percentage falls a bit for those that got their hands on conventional computers — without touchscreen functionality but with Windows 8. These types of users are also enjoying the operating system, and 53 percent of them agreed that Microsoft improved the platform by lot.

The lack of touchscreen has often been cited as one of the biggest reasons for the slow uptake of Windows 8, and even Redmond has admitted that while the new OS may be getting some good feedback in terms of features, the sales are downright disappointing.

Best Buy, like Microsoft has not provided any sales figures concerning the new operating system, but the company is running a special promotion, offering $100 off to all those that buy a touchscreen laptop or computer powered by Windows 8.

It is said to be joined by the Redmond technology giant soon, as word on the street is that Microsoft may be planning an elaborate discount scheme for OEM partners in its bid to lower prices on Windows 8 devices, particularly touchscreen computers.

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