Sweetlabs is about to revolutionize your new device app experience

introducing Pokki as a platform. Here’s some of what I wrote back then: Launched in June 2011, Pokki is an application platform that enables developers to create engaging, connected desktop applications using standard web languages like HTML5. In light of all the things happening with Windows 8 and HTML5, CSS and Javascript for Windows 8, this app caught my eye. Pokki is a framework built on Chromium that allows developers to build basic applications using standard web technologies. It brings the app experience directly to the Windows desktop. It offers users the ability to easily engage with their favorite web services beyond the confines of the browser. You can read more about Sweetlabs and Pokki on this blog here. Anyway, the crew at Sweetlabs are doing something a little new. The new Sweetlabs has become an app install platform that’s pretty frikkin ingenious. I had a chance to visit their San Diego offices a few weeks ago and got a sneak peek at what they were doing. Now they’re ready to fully share it with the world. Sweetlabs

The new mission

SweetLabs is an app install platform that helps developers reach millions of new users, while enabling device manufacturers to better monetize and differentiate their products. SweetLabs powers dynamic app delivery across Android and Windows devices, getting the right app to the right user on the right device. I’ll give you the cliff notes. Often, the amount of time between when your new device is manufactured and ready and when you get it in your hands may be up to 9 months to a year. In that amount of time, a lot of things may have changed. The apps that were preloaded on that device may be stale, may not be the apps the vendor wanted you to have, may not be geographically ideal (different language etc). Manufacturers have needed a more modern JIT (Just In Time) manner of loading apps on devices. This problem is what Sweetlabs is planning to solve. From their documentation:
The SweetLabs App Install Platform enables you to optimize the delivery of apps on any device and capture your fair share of the multi-billion dollar app install market. From first boot, through the lifetime of the device, increase revenues and improve the user experience by delivering the most relevant apps to your customers. Differentiate and increase device sales by offering apps that leverage the unique hardware capabilities and features.

Intelligent App Ad Server

Configure, control, and optimize the apps that are promoted in any customer-facing touchpoint in real-time. Break free of manual bundling by making changes on-the-fly through a secure web-based console. Reduce the costs, complexities, and inefficiencies behind the old preload model.


Segment and target app distribution on SKUs by variables such as geography, language, device type, device mode, customer segment, and timing.


Deploy your apps from a dynamic cloud-based solution rather than manually preloading apps during manufacturing, enabling you to deliver a hot app or game the day it comes out.

Ongoing app promotion

Promote apps through engaging white-label interfaces not only at first boot, but throughout the lifetime of the device.


Leverage a system that has already recommended billions of apps, to deliver the apps that will result in the highest customer satisfaction and greatest long-term return for your business.
In addition, they provide solutions for developers to monetize and advertise their offerings. You can see the video at the top of the page and learn a bit more about this new offering from the company. It’s a really interesting story from a very interesting company. Check out more about the solutions from Sweetlabs at their company site Sweetlabs.com.]]>

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