T-Mobile May Consider Offering The 32GB Nokia Lumia 925

The Finnish telecommunication giant recently unveiled the Lumia 925, but unlike previous launches, Nokia was distinctly clear this time around from the word go about which carriers will be getting the new smartphone.

T-Mobile is on this list of networks that will be offering the deluxe smartphone soon.

However, unlike other markets, only the 16GB version of the smartphone is said to be available across the United States, which quite obviously is disappoint news for a lot of Windows Phone fans.

The 32GB variant of the Lumia 925 will exclusively be available for Vodafone customers.

But as this story over at WMPowerUser points out, a Reddit user that goes by the name of BoredAt was disappointed about this news, and took the issue directly to the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere via email.

The user expressed discontent over the fact that the operator was only to offer the 16GB model, and also the decision to put the T-Mobile logo on the front of the smartphone, instead of the back, as is quite often the case.

And then the most unexpected of things happened — the user received a reply from the CEO.

John Legere also CCed the email to Mike Sievert, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer at T-Mobile, while saying that he is willing to consider the request BoredAt has put forward. Having said that, there is only a small chance the carrier will be able to offer the 32GB model anytime soon.

But it is a good sign, nevertheless, that senior executives are willing to listen to customer feedback.

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