Tablet Display Panel Vendors Pushing For A Price Increase

With the way tablets are all poised to take over the computing world, supply issues regarding key components for these devices always loom as a very valid threat.

And this is particularly true for the display panels — undoubtedly the most important element of the tablet experience, what with its integration with touch input. In fact, so vital is the display factor that they dictate the sizes of tablets along with the overall retail prices.

Supply issues are once again playing their part in the tablet domain. New reports seem to suggest that due to higher interest, whether because of end consumers or industrial and corporate sectors, average selling prices of memory modules have been on an upward trend.

Now this trend has also started affecting display manufacturers. And these panel makers are now considering an upwards push as well.

Tablet vendors, however, are not one bit amused by this talk of rising prices, and instead many have started asking (nicely, of course) panel makers not to consider this.

The reasons cited by tablet makers is that most of them need to keep the prices low, at least for 7 inch or lower tablets. And this job only gets hard when display panels get more expensive. Panel makers, on the other hand, want to up the prices as much as they can get away with.

Most are actually expecting a boost in orders as the important summer season gets underway, and technology giants launch new tablet models.

Many tablet vendors hope to bring 7-inch tablets to the stores shelves at the $129 to $159 price range. But from the way things are looking, which way the panel prices stable will have the final say in this.

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