Tablet Shipments To Rise This Year, PCs Will Drop Another 6 Percent

says, will be hampered a bit by PCs, and traditional computers will keep on losing more ground to tablets and other such mobile devices. In the words of Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner:

“Tablet substitution of notebooks will start to dissipate from this year onwards as consumers and businesses align the right device with the right usage pattern. As they do this, we will see where dedicated devices (such as tablets), or hybrid devices (detachable or convertible devices), fit in the overall portfolio of devices.”
Worldwide shipments of PCs are forecasted to come in at a total of 276.7 million units this year, sinking another 6.6 percent compared to 2013. And when it comes to operating system numbers, iOS and Mac devices are said to be on track for a little slowness, with overall growth coming in at 34 percent, compared to estimates of 55 percent hikes for the Android platform. Modern Windows can also expect a good year, with an estimated increase in sales of 16 percent.]]>

Written by Lisa Gupta


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