Tablet Study Sees Rapid Adoption at the Expense of other Platforms

Tablets are encroaching on all other computing devices Tech solution provider, Skava has a new study on tablet computers, and there are a few findings that stand out and are relevant to Windows 8 and its new Metro interface. The first is that tablet use is growing at a rate of 50% year on year. This makes it the fastest-growing device segment, to the extent that it is likely beginning to cannibalize the smartphone market, not only desktop and notebook PCs. In the United States, Skava finds that 12% of the population or 28 million people own a tablet device and the trend continues. By 2015, they estimate that 1 in 3 adults will own a tablet. Also, many younger people – 30% of Gen-Y are purchasing tablets instead of desktops or notebooks. Thus, the big ‘displacement’ predicted by many analysts is already occurring. This is the part that is really threatening to Microsoft, not that they need to be told. If they only play a bit part in the new landscape, where mobile devices like smartphones and tablets take increasingly larger chunks of the total market, this is a significant loss of revenue going forward. For retailers, there are important things to note. Average orders are greater on tablets than on mobile phones. The numbers are 2.3% conversion rate on tablets vs. 0.6% on smartphones. The average order value on tablets is $123 vs. $80 on smartphones and $102 on desktops/notebooks. Other tidbits: 50% of tablet owners prefer it to their other devices 40% of tablet owners use it more than their other devices. Most tablet use occurs in the home, but businesses are clearly aware of the opportunities (and risks) of tablet adoption. The good news for Microsoft is that while the consumer market for tables is fearsome, businesses are still in the early stages of tablet adoption. In other words, they do not face such an uphill battle in the business market. In fact, the domination of Windows in the enterprise will make the ceding of the business market to a competitor an inexcusable loss for Microsoft if it occurs. What do you think?]]>

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