Tabs Indeed Coming To Windows 10 As Sets

Windows 10 Sets. We heard about this most wanted addition to the operating system not too long ago, and now there is confirmation that Microsoft will indeed add tabs to the OS.

In UWP apps, as was rumored.

And also, the traditional Win32 software.

This is a feature that is sure to boost productivity for users, letting them organize their work effortlessly.

Redmond has given this new feature the name of Sets, and the idea is pretty much similar to how tab support works in web browsers. This approach enables opening multiple windows within a single window of a program running on the screen.

The video below shows Sets in action:

Microsoft Sets will initially be available in the universal apps that the company has developed, but the ultimate goal is to bring this functionality to desktop programs, and even smartphones — at least on iOS and Android apps like Office and Microsoft Edge.

Syncing will also be available for users, and Sets will support roaming from a PC to a mobile device. In other words, the tabs you have open will automatically show up once you move to a different machine.

And while UWP apps will be the first to get this feature, tab support will also come to programs like File Explorer, Notepad, and even software like Photoshop and whatnot. The only roadblock being that some software comes with customized title bars.

But it seems that Microsoft has figured this in advance, and is moving full steam ahead to bring this feature to the Windows operating platform — a feature that the public had been demanding for years.

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