Taiwan Mobile Unveils Microsoft Azure Stack Services


Chalk up another small victory for Microsoft. Microsoft Taiwan has partnered with telecom carrier Taiwan Mobile to provide Azure Stack cloud services to customers.

And in the process, assist local enterprises to transform their systems digitally.

Microsoft Taiwan general manager Ken Sun pointed out at the occasion that the local financial industry and governments are not able to use the Azure cloud computing platform due to restrictions banning data from being transmitted outside of Taiwan.

However, with the establishment of Azure Stack in a datacenter of Taiwan Mobile locally, organizations that are restricted will be able to deploy Azure services with ease.

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Taiwan Mobile vice president CH Wu also made a point about the Azure platform, noting that the demand for cloud computing services is picking up and is especially strong within enterprises.

The Azure Stack cloud computing solution is an extension of Azure that enables the innovation of cloud computing to organizations that want to deploy hybrid applications anywhere they want.

This launch in Taiwan will enable companies in the country to deploy their very own hybrid solutions, and fill up demand from the financial, retail, medical, government and networking sectors and help them transform their businesses.

Find out more about Taiwan Mobile here.

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