Take A Look At This New Windows 8.1 Spring Update Leaked Screenshot

On the usual, there is only one thing that follows leaked screenshots. Leaked builds. It has happened before and it is happening again, as another Windows 8.1 Spring Update screenshot has sprung up (ha!).

We had our first taste of leaked screen grabs a few days back from famed leaker Wzor.

And now another screenshot has hit the web that while does not show any specific new feature, but at least tells us that Microsoft is deep into development of this refresh of its operating system. And the company has sent the new OS for testing purposes to several of its hardware and software partners.

Looking at the screenshot one cannot but help wanting to know more about it.

Judging by how things are shaping up, we should have tiny nuggets of information from various unofficial sources leading up to the BUILD developer conference in April when Microsoft will officially unveil all the juicy details of all that is new in this update, titled Update 1.

Prior to that we can also expect a confirmation from Redmond that development is underway.

More interesting is finding out the fact that whether this is a regularly scheduled maintenance update or if Microsoft is indeed preparing some new features and plans to polish to existing ones.

Additionally, there are whispers that this particular build may also leak out in a day or so. If it does, we just may have more of an idea of a few of the things that are changed and revised in this new version.

Stay tuned, people. The ride has just begun.

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