Tami Reller clarifies Microsoft's approach to explaining Windows RT just a little

Here are the comments:

Microsoft has been knocked for its mixed messaging on Windows RT recently, which is proving to be a source of confusion for some. “So for Windows RT devices at retail it will say […] ‘works exclusively with Windows Store apps, Office is included, and it is not compatible with your desktop applications and software,'” reveals Reller. We’ve seen parts of this messaging, but Reller says the company understands that it will require deeper explanation. Promising to provide that on Windows.com, Reller says Microsoft will also be clear in its PC selector and training. “We do have a ‘not’ in there that we felt was important to make sure customers understood.” Reller believes Surface RT will ultimately teach consumers about Windows RT. “I think it will help educate the market on exactly what does this deliver.” There is also a promise of better marketing for Windows RT. “There will be advertising that’s specific to RT devices,” she says, explaining that there will be very specific signage to draw attention to Windows RT in stores. It might seem like a moot point, but it’s important that Microsoft avoids any marketing mistakes and consumer confusion — especially around a holiday shopping season.
This is one that has had me scratching my head for a while. Not the differences between both platforms (of course I know those) but the fact that Redmond have had YEARS to figure out how to explain this and here we are on the eve of a global launch and it’s still not clear. Microsoft can not afford to have lots of consumers with buyers remorse the day or week after purchasing an RT device. This needs to be clarified and really soon.]]>

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