Tami Reller says Microsoft will not make a 7 inch tablet – at least not now

Microsoft knows of 1,000 devices ready to ship with Windows 8 at launch, but all are “10.1 [inches] and above”, according to Reller. “So Microsoft’s not going to be in [the seven-inch] space at launch?” I asked. “Correct,” said Reller. The interviewer wonders:

Microsoft’s apparent neglect of a viciously competitive part of a market it’s betting one of its core business units on is a puzzling one for sure. It leaves Google, Apple and Amazon partying in Club Seven-Inch without Microsoft. Did it forget its invitation? Or is Microsoft smartly staying sober at home to hash out a smarter game plan?
I think Microsoft is smart to
  1. focus on the task at hand and get 10 inch tablets right and
  2. wait and see how the 7 inch niche works out with the competition – see exactly what consumers like and what they gravitate away from

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