Tami Reller: Windows 8.1 Is Designed According To User Recommendations

A lot has transpired from the first day rumors came out claiming Windows Blue to be in development. Microsoft came out and confirmed that it was working on an upgrade, screenshots surfaced, builds leaked.

And now we are at a stage where we have a reasonable understanding of most of the new features that are to be part of Windows 8.1. But one thing is common through it all — the next version of Windows is mostly based on customer feedback that Microsoft received.

Even the software titan itself is quick to acknowledge this, on multiple occasions.

Windows chief Tami Reller took the stage at this year’s Computex to talk about Windows 8.1, and as expected she reiterated the same idea once again.

“Windows 8.1, it is an update, and yet I think you’ll see when you see the product that we’re covering some important ground with this release. Windows 8 was a big release and there were some areas where we knew we wanted to do even more to really advance that vision of mobility and the next generation of computing. And so that’s what Windows 8.1 does, it advances the vision, not only bringing even more to tablets but making all PCs even better.

We’ve listened, we’ve learned, and we’ve responded, and you’ll see that, I believe, when you see the product. Windows 8.1 is made better, it is better, based on customer feedback.”

Long story short, most of the improvements in Windows 8.1, according to Microsoft, are based on user recommendations, and designed to better fit their needs.

Obviously, the software titan is also actively trying to make the next iteration of Windows more user friendly by throwing in a Start button, the ability to skip the Start Screen and boot directly to the desktop, and other such features.

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