Teams Picks Up Outlook Integration

Integrations are the name of the game for Microsoft, as it continues to amplify the collaboration features of its products left and right. Teams is the latest to get a look.

The software titan recapped that updates that were made to the service during the course of February.

This is parallel to the updates that the company detailed for Microsoft 365, which also included a new integration between Teams and Visio. This new list, however, is all focused on this rising collaborative platform.

And for starters, we have an integration of Teams with Outlook, which now makes it possible to share an email conversation to a Teams team using a dedicated button in the Outlook desktop app. Likewise, it is possible to share Teams conversation to Outlook email.

Collaboration and communication within Teams are also being made easier.

Users now have the ability to use mention tags in conversations. Certain members of a team can be linked to a specific topic or category, and then using @mentions, everyone linked to those tags will be notified of a message.

Next up, we have the ability to automatically create an organization-wide team, as long as your organization has 5000 or fewer members.

Live captions are also available generally available for video meetings, and Microsoft has also enabled cloud recordings by default, so that these recordings are stored in the respective region datacenter.

Microsoft has also completely rolled out the new files experience for Teams, and users are now able to do things like file sync to their computers, see rich previews for over 320 files types, and more by simply navigating to the File tab.

And that’s only the half of it.

Read up on the additional features at the link above.

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