TechEd 2013 Attendees Can Get Surface Tablets For Just $99

Redmond has been giving two of its premier tablets a pretty impressive push in the media ever since release. The company’s efforts have only intensified with the devices making their debuts in new international markets.

But in order to get the tablets into the hands of as many people as it can, the company has just rolled out a very special promotion — one that seems too good to be true.

The most remarkable thing is that it is. Channel 9 has just announced that all TechEd attendees will be able to purchase both a 64GB Surface RT with Touch Cover bundle for $99, while the 128GB Surface Pro will be available for grabs at $399.

Microsoft shared the details in a blog post saying:

“This offer will allow each of you to get your hands on one or both Surface devices and, when it becomes available, update them to Windows 8.1 Preview to test drive it on these great tablets. These offers are only available during the event, Sunday, June 2 – Thursday, June 6.

Limited to one Surface RT and one Surface Pro per attendee.”

The Surface RT with 64GB or store space usually retails for $699 with a Touch Cover included, while the Surface Pro 128GB is available for $999, so either way these are some very special prices, around 60 to 80 percent off from what these tablets usually retail for.

Additionally, as noted above, both the tablets can be upgraded to the upcoming Windows 8.1 Preview build when its gets released. Now this is an offer that just cannot be refused.

There is a fair chance that most people that attend TechEd next week will put their money down for one or both of these tablets.

TechEd is an annual conference held by Microsoft for IT professionals and developers. Events are held around the world, and next week the 2013 Edition of TechEd gets underway in New Orleans. It will run from June 3 to June 6.

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