TechEd Europe Attendees Can Buy Discounted Surface Tablets

Microsoft’s discount promotion for the Surface tablets during the recently concluded TechEd conference in New Orleans was a raging success, with a swarm of customers getting in line to grab the slates.

Now Redmond is bringing something similar for the TechEd Europe 2013 attendees.

And this special discount comes at pretty much the right time. The event is to be held June 25 to June 28, meaning the preview release of Windows 8.1 would fall smack in the middle. The preview build of the OS is set to be unveiled on June 26, the first day of the BUILD developer conference.

The 64GB Surface RT is being offered with a free Touch Cover for only €79.99 ($105), while the 128GB Surface Pro is available with a price tag of €349.99 ($465). As Microsoft explained on its website:

“These offers are only available during the event, Tuesday, 25 June – Friday, 28 June. Limited to 1 x Surface RT and 1 x Surface Pro per attendee. No exceptions. No cash. Credit card transactions only.”

This would allow people that attend the European TechEd a chance to try out the new Windows 8.1 on their brand new Microsoft tablet.

Microsoft is trying to provide as many people as it can with access to Windows 8.1, while also promoting its first generation Surface tablets. This special new promotion looks all set to be another hit in the making, as the technology titan prepares to unveil new hardware and software for the year.

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