Tetris Is Now The Third Most Popular Free Game In The Windows Store

Not that it was in ordinary or middling before the rise of mobile devices, but gaming now makes up an increasingly important part of the experience of modern computing.

And unsurprisingly, gaming apps now rank among the most popular ones on the Windows 8 platform.

Newest data from the Windows Store reveals that Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection remains the number one free game on the company’s newest platform. Cut The Rope takes the honors of the second place.

But on game that has significantly increased its popularity in the last month or so is TETRIS! — the freeware title is now the third most popular choice for Windows 8 users, overtaking both Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite and Jetpack Joyride to land this position.

And no, this particular version of Tetris is not the one from EA or any other big company.

In fact, the app is developed by Danilo Peres, and features a simple visual design and feature set. But the developer seems to have nailed the gameplay mechanics as can be seen from the high ratings and impressive number of downloads.

TETRIS! is available on all Windows 8 platforms, including x86, x64 and ARM builds.

The Windows Store itself is currently hovering around 67,000 apps, with the majority of them offered with a freeware license. Out of these more than 8,600 fall under the gaming category.

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