Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to our US readers!

It was 3 years ago when we started down this path writing about Windows 8 and back then we seemed crazy to be doing it. This was just a month after Windows 7 was released and we knew that Microsoft would have to start looking forward to the next version of Windows. Over the next couple of years, we wrote more (1043 posts), hired writers, nurtured our sources, went to conferences and had fun. We have without a doubt created the most comprehensive repository of Windows 8 news and information on the web today. We never were a fan site – we call the facts as we see them. Most of us use Macs but can see the value that this Microsoft OS could add if executed properly. All our staff members are either MVP’s or technology experts and we continue to strategically look at Windows 8 and where this Operating System is going. Throughout all this though, we’ve picked up readers and fans. In addition to the over 2300 comments on the blog, we have over 13,000 Facebook fans and several thousand readers who visit the site everyday. To the readers and the fans, I say thank you. We’ll continue to bring you the best Windows 8 news and analysis both for the consumer and the enterprise. If you’re in the United States, have a Happy Thanksgiving and come back to the site Friday. 🙂 Regards, Onuora Amobi Editor,]]>

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