The 50-50 Snap View Mode Spotted In Windows 8.1 Build 9388

Word was hot a few months back that Microsoft was developing a brand new split screen mode for the Snap View feature in the upcoming Windows Blue. It was all chatter back then, without a visual confirmation.

But now this feature has finally been spotted in build 9388.

A few screenshots published over at include one that shows the 50-50 Snap View mode in action. As can be seen from the image above, it allows users to run two different applications side by side with equal screen real estate divided between both.

The bottom taskbar along with the desktop also get sliced in half.

This feature is specifically designed for smaller Windows-based tablets that are poised to flood the market later in the summer — ahead of the Back-to-school and Holiday shopping seasons.

Microsoft itself is reportedly planning to launch smaller Surface tablets that are said to be sporting either 7 or 8 inch displays.

As is usually the case, take these leaked screenshots with a pinch of salt. Redmond may just be testing these new features, and there is not telling how they will look when the final retail version of Windows 8.1 makes an appearance.

But keeping in mind just how important a feature this is (with regards to Metro apps) there is a fair chance that the 50-50 Snap View mode will make the cut. Figuratively speaking, of course!

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