The Archos 40 Cesium Windows Phone Can Be Yours For Just $99

announced (PDF file), its first Windows Phone that targets the lower end of the market. The result is one of the cheapest Windows Phones you can buy these days. Sure, the hardware package it offers is just what you would expect, but just a decade back, quality feature phones cost more than this. Now you can get a smartphone like this, with circuitry that is capable enough for most basic tasks. The rest of the specifications are under wraps for now, but the Archos Cesium 40 comes with a 4-inch display that is powered by a snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset. It is available in three color options, namely black, blue and yellow. Perhaps surprisingly (or not?) it also has three hardware buttons on the front, even as most other Windows Phone manufacturers prefer on-screen Back, Start and Search buttons. Full details are expected next month at the IFA trade show in Berlin. We do have the price tags it will retail at in various markets, though. These are $99, €79 EUR or £79 outright. This puts it straight up as a Nokia Lumia 530 competitor, which also offers similar hardware package for $115 outright. The Archos 40 Cesium goes on sale in September this year.]]>

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