The beat goes on – Another Windows 8 wishlist

Interesting post over at ZDnet today.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is asking for feedback on Windows 8.

The post is titled ” What would you like to see in Windows 8?”

Here is his list:

  • Custom installer that has the ability to set up the OS on one drive and store data and settings on another.
  • An end to 16/32-bit support (or at least a version that is pure 64-bit only).
  • Proper touch/tablet support. Not just a theme but a new API that developers can tap into to make applications compatible for both desktop/notebook and tablet usage.
  • Rebootless update mechanism.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials included as standard.
  • Multi-display support for the taskbar.
  • Built-in .ISO support for image files.
  • Better support for compressed files (more than just ZIP files!)

What would you like to see in Windows 8?

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