The Brilliant Samsung Omnia 7 With Windows 7 Os

Samsung have built upon the great foundations established by the impressive Galaxy S handset and created the new Omnia 7, a model equally as impressive but running on the new Windows 7 mobile operating system created by Microsoft.

Although all models utilising the new OS new have to be fairly uniform with regards to some areas of specification, other areas allow for the manufacturers to really show off what they can offer. And Samsung have excelled when it comes to the display on this new model, which is as good as you can find anywhere. At 480 x 800 resolution, image quality is superb. Graphics look as though they are from the printed page, and even when zoomed in text maintains smooth lines. Footage from the web or even what you record on the unit itself looks lifelike and vivid, helped by the fact the phone can display up to 16 million colours. Samsung once again use their Super AMOLED screen technology to good effect on this model. Whereas traditional AMOLED uses two layers, one for the display and one for the touch sensitive panel, Samsung have managed to merge these two seperate elements into one sheet, creating a screen with better viewing angles that is also wafer thin. This shows when looking at the overall dimensions of the handset, which measures just 11mm in depth.

In keeping with most top end new smartphones, the Samsung Omnia 7 offers High Definition video capture. Put simply this means the phone can record footage at a resolution of 720 progressively scanned lines. What this means to the user is that there video need no longer look blurry and jumpy, and your results are not dissimilar to what you would expect to watch on your television or DVD. Photos also maintain a high standard thanks to the 5 mega pixel camera. This facility is easy to use and also incorporates both useful and impressive features such as image stabilisation, geo tagging and a dual LED flash. Storage capacity on the model is 8GB, which should prove plenty for your average phone user, providing you do not go to heavy on the HD video recording. All together the Omnia 7 offers a great media package.

The Samsung Omnia 7 is one of the better Windows 7 handsets currently available. The screen is superb and the new OS offers a menu layout that is both eye catching and easy to navigate.

The Samsung Omnia 7 and the HTC 7 Trophy are available now.

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