The Fall of Windows Vista

Although Microsoft are one of the largest companies in the world they sometimes get it wrong, and this can precisely be said for Windows Vista. The operating system never really caught on with the public, simply because XP was still a much better alternative. But let’s have a look at a few reasons as to why Vista never really took off, this is going to be from a user perspective and not a technical article you may have previously come across.

Wrong Time
The launch of vista was at the wrong time, laptops were growing a huge amount and most of the laptops could not handle the operating system, so what Microsoft did instead was re promote Windows XP all over again. People were getting into fast loading and communication and with things such as fast internet on the rise it was just not acceptable.

Startup Times
Now personally I had a very fast laptop with two gigabyte RAM and Windows Vista start up times were still very slow. I mean when I was in a rush to open the computer to quickly go online and check something, it just took ever so long.

System Response
Trying to install a piece of software was again very time consuming, not just because it took ages to load, but the constant pop ups saying allow access to install were a bother. I mean if I have clicked to install something, obviously I want to allow access.

Web 2.0
Probably the most important thing in my opinion was the rate at which I could get online. I do not just say this for myself, but probably for half the population now. Computers, especially laptops are no longer used for just accessing things such as paint or word. Almost every one that I know uses them to access the internet. We have all seen the rise in online web applications and social sites. But what I found a bother with Windows Vista is that because it was so resourceful, it was quite hard to do anything online. Because it was either slow at loading or just completely crashed on me, which is especially annoying if you are in the middle of filling out a form.

Now don’t get me wrong I like Microsoft’s operating system and XP was truly brilliant, but Vista just did not cut it and myself and a lot of people will definitely be looking forward to the highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system.

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