The First Windows Store PEGI 18 Games Arrive, Actually Just Desktop Games

allow PEGI 18 games into its Microsoft Store. Considering the strong hardcore gaming presence Microsoft has with its Xbox brand, the move seemed more than a little odd. The good news is that the Redmond giant changed it stance and signaled the all-clear for Pegi 18 games. That said the chance it stance came too late for developers to get any of their PEGI 18 projects out the door in time for the launch of Windows 8. The situation officially changes today with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and the Witcher 2. Keep in mind that these are still x86 games at the core, which means you won’t be able to use them on devices like the Microsoft Surface RT. It also means that they are basically just a link in the store, as the whole process will be handled outside of Windows Store and the START UI. While having Pegi 18 and mature-rated gaming is a good move, we still aren’t seeing a whole lot from this category when it comes to native Windows Store apps, at least not yet. So when are the more hardcore Windows Start UI games coming? Hard to say for sure. You might be wondering if the new UI is even capable of such things. In short, yes, Windows RT can in fact run the Unreal 3 Engine. Keep in mind that ARM processors and the GPUs that come with them aren’t exactly powerhouses though, so when the first Start UI Unreal 3 hardcore games start arriving, don’t expect them to be as high-end or gorgeous as what you’ll see in a desktop-based game. [ source ]]]>

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