The Future Of Cloud Storage In Windows 8 And Beyond

fairly well. Right now Skydrive usage numbers indicate 17 million users use Skydrive to store content monthly, 360MB of files are being uploaded and shared every month by users, and over 5 million devices content to the Skydrive every month. So how does the Skydrive compare to other solutions? The Skydrive offers 25GB of free personal storage and a limit of 100MB per individual files. This is a lot more than iCloud’s 5GB free storage, of course the 5GB on the iCloud doesn’t include photors or purchased music, apps, books, and shows. Skydrive also allows something called Windows Live Mesh which syncs files between devices. It is already integrated into Windows Phone and expect even tighter integration for Windows 8 when it goes to either Beta or final commercial release. The cloud is an interesting opportunity as it stands but expect the future of the Cloud to increase its significance even further. As Internet speeds continually increase it will be more likely that cloud solutions like Skydrive offer full hard-drive backups and even the possibility to run from the cloud. Imagine Windows 9 or 10 having full startup integration where you can choose to install the full OS onto your hard-drive or only necessary boot-up files to connect to the cloud, where your entire OS starts from there. In such a scenario you could even create a flash drive that contains these boot-up files for connecting to your entire OS through the Cloud on ANY PC, laptop, or even possibly tablets and phones. The future is changing and the cloud is certainly part of it. Personally, I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to file storage and like to keep my more important files on permanent storage. How does everyone else feel about Cloud storage and its role in the future? Do you like the idea of running your entire OS through the Cloud? I personally use SkyDrive for photos and other minor files but there are many great storage choices out there. Do you use SkyDrive or have a preference for Cloud storage? Share your thoughts below!]]>

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