The Great Windows 10 Features Cull

Windows 10 Features

Microsoft has chosen December to have a spring clean, clearing out several apps and features that appear to be rather pointless.

With almost every Windows 10 update, Microsoft pushes out new features and new apps but not everybody finds them that useful. In fact, there are some features that are just downright pointless – to some people anyway.

While they are good at giving us new features, Microsoft is also proving itself to be ruthless in dropping others and, in December, we can expect to see several disappear.

Top of the list is an app called “My People”, now marked as “No Longer in Development”. It was designed as a way of bringing your contact lists from all your different accounts together, apparently making it easier to find someone to contact, via message, email, or even a Skype call.

For some, this is a useful feature but Microsoft doesn’t think so. They monitor how Windows 10 users use the software so that they improve the popular features and get rid of those not being used. According to their records, nobody used it and they announced that it may be removed at a later date.

However, Microsoft is known for changing its mind on these things; the Paint app springs to mind. Paint is a long-standing Windows features and, following their announcement to remove it, they suffered a huge backlash from users. That prompted them to reverse their decision but whether they will get the same response from the decision to cull My People is unlikely.

That’s not the only feature set to be removed. Windows To Go is on the way out, a feature that led Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise to create bootable workspaces that could be loaded from an external, USB hard drive.

And Print 3D has its marching orders too, with Microsoft pushing people towards using 3D Builder. One Sync, the app that was designed to sync My People, Calendar, and Mail, is out too, mainly because that functionality is now live in Outlook.

Lastly, the Snipping Tool, used for screenshots, is now no longer being developed. Why? Because the Snip and Sketch tool provides the exact same functionality.

Have any of your favorite apps or features made the cut list?

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