The instant hotspot feature is only for Samsung users

October 28, 2022

Oh, bother! Microsoft has developed a slick new feature for Windows 11 users, but only for a select few. That’s because this new addition is only available for Samsung users.

There may be millions of them out there, folks that use devices carrying the branding of the South Korean technology giant, but they don’t quite compare to the billions of regular users that use Windows.

Nevertheless, that’s not deterring Redmond from making exclusive features to honor its close partnership with Samsung.

And you guessed it, this new addition revolves around the Phone Link app, which now serves as the hub for the new options that the software titan makes available for its Samsung user base. And this new addition is actually a much-needed improvement for the application.

The latest Dev and Beta channel builds that have landed this week unleash this new feature for Insiders that use the Phone Link app, which allows Samsung phone users to immediately access a hotspot.

The software titan actually made note of this in the release notes of Windows 11 build 25231, confirming that it would be rolling out later in the day.

This new addition is actually inspired by Apple platforms. Both macOS and iPadOS let you turn on the mobile hotspot without pulling out your phone. The hotspot on iPhone actually sits on standby in the list of available WiFi networks, just a tap away.

The same feature has now made its way to Windows 11 by means of the Phone Link app.

Instant Hotspot

Opening the network flyout and selecting your phone will launch the mobile hotspot feature without the need of typing passwords or searching for hotspot settings. Just the way it should be, nice and easy.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this handy Windows 11 feature is only available to those that have select Samsung phones.

That being, a Samsung Phone with One UI 4.1.1 and newer. You also need a PC with WiFi and Bluetooth running Windows 11 build 22621 or higher. This being the RTM version of the newly released version 22H2, otherwise known as the Windows 11 2022 Update.

You also require a cellular plan that supports hotspots, and Phone Link version 1.22082.111.0 or newer. If you have all this, then you need to link to Windows app on your Samsung device with version 1.22081.142 or newer.

All this hoopla means that even Microsoft’s own Surface Duo smartphones are missing out on action.

Oh, help and bother!

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