The McLaren Is Actually The Lumia 1030, Leaks In Pictures

reports on the matter, Microsoft had reportedly cancelled this very smartphone — unofficially, of course. Back then it was billed as one of the most advanced Windows Phone devices on the market, and all that. Something about 3D touch technology, which made use of sensors and gestures so users could perform certain tasks (such as answering calls or muting the phone) without button taps or screen presses. Anyway, word is that the device codenamed RM-1052 is actually the Lumia 1030. Codenamed McLaren. Obviously, words are words, but there are also some pictures that reveal the device and its enormous camera module. Highly advanced photo and video capabilities are a given here. Take a look: [gallery link="file" ids="69774,69775,69776,69777,69778,69779"] In terms of hardware we’ve got a 1080p display, 2GB of RAM along with 32GB of wholesome storage, though the screen size is yet to be confirmed. It could be anywhere between 5-inch to 5.7-inch, probable somewhere in the middle. Surprisingly, the device does not feature any Microsoft (or Nokia) branding on the front or the back. And indication that this is a test unit, and not production hardware. More details soon, provided there is some truth to this rumor.]]>

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