The Metro Design experience is coming to ERP: Microsoft Dynamics

“Beyond being able to run on any device and anywhere, we are taking a completely new and modern approach to UX through the “Metro” UX experience that customers know from Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox, etc.. and we will be investing to support Natural User Interfaces like Speech, Touch and Gestures.” Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 seems to be the first of these applications that will go through the change. It only makes sense that ERP applications will be included in a major move to the Metro style interface. Microsoft are widely expected to create value in the Enterprise space with Windows 8 because of the (supposed) tight integration coming across all platforms in the company. If Windows 8 tablets can be seen as productivity devices as opposed to media consumption devices like the Ipad, Microsoft can create a compelling narrative for enterprise adoption. We’ll see how this goes… Source]]>

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