The New Windows Stores Have To Be Seen To Be Believed, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft is aggressively expanding its retail presence, and the technology company announced a new strategic partnership earlier today to create a Windows Store in every single Best Buy location in the United States and Canada.

This makes it more than 500 Best Buy locations in the US, and another 100 in Canada.

Redmond is eager to bring its latest products closer to buyers, and it has configured the Windows Stores (what Microsoft calls these mini stores) in such a way that would allow users to easily experience what its newest products have to offer.

Chris Capossela, the chief marketing officer at Microsoft believes that stores within stores will serve as the foundation of a new and unique ecosystem:

“It’s something that has to be seen to be believed. Looking at the store head-on, it will feature an innovation table in the front, highlighting the newest and best Windows technologies of the moment.

There will be a dedicated Surface area and central showcase tables with the latest and greatest PCs, laptops, convertibles and more. The back wall will feature software and accessories. And there’s an ecosystem section with real-life scenarios across Windows devices. This ecosystem area is exciting, because it will show off stuff like Xbox SmartGlass and SkyDrive.”

Microsoft is soon to launch the new Windows 8.1 — the first major refresh of its flagship Windows 8 operating system. And the company expects it generate not only renewed interest in its platform, but also a new wave of hardware devices.

Several hardware makers are expected to launch new models of PCs, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and hybrids later this year, soon after the release of the new operating system.

This new retail partnership is another step of Microsoft’s plan to increase sales along with brand awareness, as the company moves ahead with its devices and services company concept.

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