The Nokia Windows 8 Tablet – Rumors Getting Stronger By The Day

February 17, 2011

Found an interesting piece today as I was doing the rounds, looking for more updates on Windows 8.

Rumors are flying around as observers try to identify what the new partnership between Microsoft and Windows will mean, and one of the most interesting I came across was the possibility that Nokia may be planning to release a new tablet device specifically with the Windows 8 operating system in mind.

With the Symbian platform of Nokia struggling to compete with stiff competition from the iPhone and Android, and the general shrinkage of its market share over the last couple of years, Nokia have made a very smart move in linking up with Microsoft in order to compete, reports the DeviceMag article.

Many industry analysts are in agreement that the move is a smart one, and I’m compelled to nod my head as well – even though a lot of people in Finland are not so sure about the move.

However, other than the expected release of Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones in the coming months, not much else has been said about the partnership so far, with both companies remaining pretty tight-lipped about what they are up to.

There does though, appear reason to think that Microsoft and Nokia might be working on something interesting though. A few cryptic comments from the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop have led to rumors that Nokia may be developing a tablet computer of their own to coincide with the release of Windows 8.

As Mr. Elop put it: “When it comes to this platform, we reserve the right to introduce tablets on other platforms. Whether that be internal projects or we could take advantage of what Microsoft is innovating with, we’ve nothing to announce on that today.”

These rumors are strengthened further by the fact that Microsoft have already informed us the Windows Phone 7 cannot be used just like a tablet OS. With Windows 8 supposed to be the perfect OS for tablets due to its ARM processors, it does kind of make sense that Microsoft’s latest partner might wait before making their entry into the tablet market.

After all, with Nokia’s star appearing to fade elsewhere, they are going to need to do something amazing to reaffirm their spot as the number one mobile device manufacturer.


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  • Probably the author means a relationship between Microsoft and Nokia.
    As far as I know There is a 20 year long relation between Microsoft and Windows.
    An author that makes this kind of hasty articles is as hasty as Msft itself leading to the well known quality problems with software.
    This can be the dead of Nokia

    Geho February 22, 2011 2:30 am Reply
  • When a Tablet Nokia with Windows 8? ¿A windows 8 custom to Nokia and proprietary
    of Nokia-Windows?

    Elena March 10, 2011 2:26 am Reply
  • Has the lead up to, and drag out of, Windows 8 been painfully long or what?

    Rex Remes June 16, 2012 10:36 pm Reply

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