The NYPD Got Those 36,000 Windows Phones For Free

The Windows Phone platform has been at the center of controversy this week, when the NYPD made it official that it was ditching all 36,000 of them that were in use by police officers.

And instead, moving to iPhone by the end of the year.

Deputy Commissioner Jessica Tish was particularly bashed earlier this week for her decision, but as is the case with most such juicy stories, there were glaring omissions in detail. Basically, key information about the deal was missing.

Tish has since defended herself and responded to the criticism by explaining that Windows Phones were the most effective option 3 years ago. In fact, she revealed that the NYPD paid nothing for the 36,000 Windows Phones.


“The contract entered provided for the smartphones at no cost. It also allowed for the NYPD to replace the smartphones with devices of our choosing two years later, also at no cost.

We have since continually reviewed the evolution of mobile platforms. A year ago, we learned that improvements in Apple controls would allow NYPD to responsibly and cost effectively move our mobility initiative to the Apple platform. We began plans to make the transition, which will take effect this fall.

Our smartphone initiative is 45% under budget. Based on current rate of spending, we expect to stretch what was initially budgeted at two years of spending to more than four years.”


So, anyway, Tish still maintains that the decision she made to go with Microsoft was a smart move, and this switch to iPhones came after only after improvements were made in in Apple controls, which made the transition worthwhile.

But three years back, the Windows Phone platform made the most logical sense.

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