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On behalf of the staff at the Redmond Cloud, we wanted to find a way to say thanks to all the over 100,000+ men and women who consistently read our content every month and are interested in technology.

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For a limited time, we are making the following Redmond Cloud Technology bundle available for just $34.95! 

LIFETIME ACCESS to over 100 Windows 10 Training Videos AND three industry leading eBooks on Microsoft Azure, Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Robotics!

Here are a few more details about the contents of the bundle…

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

This new 140 page eBook describes the strategy behind the Microsoft Cloud, the components of the Cloud and how they work together to provide value for Microsoft’s customers. The book covers Benefits of Cloud Computing, The types of Cloud Computing, The uses for Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure, Components of Microsoft Azure, Azure technical solutions, Azure, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and more…(Value $19.95).

Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

At over 90 pages long, you will learn about the history of robots and robotics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), different types of robots, how they are programmed, adapting to life with robots and much more. The book covers What is Robotics, What is Automation, History of Robotics, Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots, Who Invented The First Robot, How Many Robots Are There, What Are The Different Types Of Robots, The Ins and Outs of Robots and Robotics and more…(Value $19.95)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

At over 200 pages long, you will learn about the history of A.I., how its transforming major industries like banking, education, politics and more. The book covers What is AI or Artificial Intelligence, What Makes Artificial Intelligence So Important Right Now, Can Machines Really Learn and Why Does It Matter, What Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution, How Is It Related to Artificial Intelligence and much more…(Value $19.95)

Ultimate Windows 10 Training collection v2

The Ultimate Windows 10 Training Collection

An all-in-one, user-friendly, series of over ONE HUNDRED instructional videos that eliminate all confusion about Windows 10 while allowing you to maximize the advantages of this really great Operating System. The book covers How to customize your Windows 10 settings to your liking – Action Center, Privacy Settings, Network Settings, Time and Language Settings, Update and Security Settings, Backing Up and Restoring, Connecting to Another Computer and much more…(Value $129)

​Knowledge is power!

In this new economy, you should strive to get every competitive advantage that you can. The same is true for technology.

Part of the reason we developed this content is because we think that in addition to Windows and Azure, Robotics and A.I. are really important technology segments to be aware of.

These guides are incredibly well written and are a good supplement to your knowledge of these areas.

Plus you’re getting almost $200 worth of training for just $34.95.

Hard to beat that.

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