The Surface Pro 3 Mention Was Indeed A Typo, Microsoft Confirms

here, but basically, the support page pointed to some camera improvements in what was called a Surface Pro 3 tablet. Some took it as an indication that an upgraded version of the tablet was ready to be released. Because, really, typos can’t happen, can they, right? It figures they can, as a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed in this short post over at The Verge that it was just a typing error, and they have revised the support page to correct the mistake:

“An earlier version of the KB article included a typo. [We updated the page] to correct the typo and better convey the information as intended.”
So much so that there is no mention of a Surface model now. Instead you get:
“The following supports will be added to Windows 8.1 to support the H.264 camera: Always use the dependent pin for capture. The dependent pin is based on the .inf file entry as soon as the capture is completed; Windows RT apps that are used for communication use the H.264 pin for recording. All other apps use the preview pin for recording.”
Having said that, a Surface Pro 3 launch was always a long shot this early in the year, and more importantly, this yearly into the release of the Surface Pro 2. Now, while an Intel powered tablet might still be on at the Surface Mini launch event on May 20, we can tone down the Surface Pro 3 rumors for the time being. And rightly so. Rightly so.]]>

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