The Surface RT To Surface Pro Trade-In Program Is A Go

Have a Surface RT and want to make the jump to the Pro version of the slate? If you are one of the several users who bought the RT version while waiting for the Pro, then you may be in luck.

During the launch of Surface RT several outlets confirmed the possibility of trading in the device for the Pro version when it launched, paying only the difference in price between the two tablets — a difference that would come in around the $200 to $300 range in a lot of cases.

Redmond is yet to publically announce this yet, but a few Microsoft Stores have already confirmed a trade-in program for the company’s tablets, allowing Surface RT owners to trade in to a Surface Pro.

Of course, like any trade-in, everything will come down to the condition of the device.

According to Neowin, there is a bit of a confusion prevailing on the matter right now, with some Microsoft Stores confirming that they will be providing credit towards the Pro version, but some denying this deal.

It goes without saying that if you are planning on trading in your Surface RT, it’s best to call in your local store to confirm things before making the trip.

And before anyone says that this spells doom for Windows 8’s ARM adventure and the company is backing away from RT, it must be said that this is a good step from Microsoft to appease the early adopters as well as people who bought the Surface RT thinking it could run all Windows apps.

The Surface story is just starting, like most Microsoft products it may take a while to catch fire.

Now, how this program plays out in countries that do not even have a Microsoft Store is another thing altogether. I am sure there are many Surface RT owners the world over that might want to trade their tablet in for the Pro version.

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