The top 10 best sources of Windows 8 information on the web today

Here are the top 10 best sources of Windows 8 information on the web today.


Run by Onuora Amobi, this web magazine has basically covered Windows 8 since it was (quite frankly) ridiculous to do so (December of 2009). 3 years of wall to wall coverage of Windows 8 has ensured that if it’s Windows 8 related news, it’ll be here. The handsome, dashing and enigmatic billionaire editor… OK I’ll stop. Link

2. Winrumors ->

Tom Warren was the maniac behind the frenetically updated Windows blog (now defunct) Winrumors. Since he seemed to sleep in the hallways at Redmond (joke), Tom always seemed to get the craziest scoops (it seemed like) about all things Microsoft. Now at TheVerge, Tom continues to work his sources and give you timely Microsoft and Windows 8 news. Link

3 and 4 and

The Batman and Robin of Windows 8 (joke), Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera are two very seasoned tech reporters and are also authors of the upcoming best seller Windows 8 Secrets. These two gentlemen had some pretty early and unprecedented access to Windows 8 and they somehow managed to balance (what must have been) some very strong NDA’s with keeping us as informed as possible. Very skillfully done. Link and Link

5. All About Microsoft

What can I say about Mary Jo Foley? Very smart, funny, talented and honest, she has kept her laser sharp focus on Microsoft for quite a while. She has quite a deep bench of internal sources and continuously provides the skinny on all things Microsoft at ZDNet. Link

6. The Ed Bott Report

What can I say about Ed Bott that he hasn’t said about himself on Twitter? (joke) Ed is one of the most fearless tech reporters focused on Microsoft out there. He has a very deep, clinical ability to surgically dissect the BS until he gets the truth. He also doesn’t tolerate flamers and ignorant comments so head over there and… Link

7. Neowin

I love the guys at Neowin because they have pretty timely updates. John Callaham has definitely written extensively about Windows 8. John began his journalism career writing for print newspapers but 11 years ago moved on to write mostly for online outlets. You can see his Windows 8 reporting at Neowin. Link

8. Hardware 2.0

So how do you REALLY feel about Windows 8? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is willing to put it all out there. One of the most vocal and open critics of the Windows 8 OS, I love and respect his stuff because it’s always balanced. he’ll give you the good and the bad. You can catch him at ZDNet. Link

9. Canouna

The mystery man/woman who leaked the crap out of Windows 8 all the way up to the release of the Windows 8 RTM. I was able to do a mini interview but didn’t really get much about his identity. Canouna seemed to have unprecedented access to the halls of Microsoft and was on top of all things Windows 8 almost from the beginning. You can see (some of ) his stuff at Winunleaked, one of the best Windows 8 forums online. Link

10. The Windows 8 Development Blog/Steven Sinofsky

In what will go down as a very impressive and deft use of influence, Mr. Sinofsky was very open about sharing the blueprint and direction of this Operating System. While a lot of us disagreed with what was being shared, we could not disagree about the level of openness for such a large project. I quite frankly have never seen anything done so well on such a large scale and I think he has become a pioneer in global software change management. Link That’s it folks, that’s my top 10 list. I hope you check out and bookmark the links on this list. They make for very interesting reading. If you got some value from this article, please share it using the social icons below. 🙂 Also, let me know if I missed any other good Windows 8 news sources – use the comments below…]]>

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