The Two Most Expensive Windows 8 Apps are $299.99 and $499.99 Respectively

While most of the apps you will find while perusing the Windows Store are free, that doesn’t mean that paid apps are out there, too. When it comes to paid apps, how much do you expect them to cost? Personally, I’m one of those that tends to seek out mobile apps that aren’t much more than $1-$2. Occasionally I’ll go a bit higher, $2-10. Don’t think I’ve ever spent more than that though.

What about $499.99 and $299.99? Believe it or not, the two most expensive apps in the Windows Store are at these price points. Now before you get to think “wow, someone is trying to rip someone off”, these are very specialized apps for very specific people.

In the case of the $499.99 EMR Surface from Pariscribe, the app is designed for medical offices as a way of organizing patient data. This app has been around for quite a well now, and again is quite a niche item. Next up at $299.99 is MBE Review. The idea of the app is that it can help you train in order to pass the Multistate Bar Examination. The app is built by a company called E-MBE and is supposed to make it a bit “easier” to pass the bar exam.

The app contains over 1,000 questions and has several different modes including a simulated MBE that has a timer and is scored in a manner that is similar to the real MBE. This is pretty cool tool, but don’t get any crazy ideas: you still need law school to get a degree (did I just dash your dreams?).

At $299.99, it is probably “worth it” provided that the company truly put in the effort to develop something that is very similar to the real deal. That said, it has a very limited audience and likely won’t sell very many copies.

While you would likely never pay these kinds of prices for “everyday consumers” apps, I wonder, how much is the MAX you’d ever be willing to spend on an app? Are you part of the “It’s $.99 or I don’t buy it crowd” or do you not have a problem with spending $10-$50 on an app if it meets exactly what you are looking for? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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