The Windows 365 app is live

October 14, 2022

The Ignite 2022 conference brought us many a good thing, from a metric ton of announcements to enhancements to products and services. One such arrival is the official Windows 365 app.

Windows 365 being a web service that offers virtualized Windows desktops within a browser.

That is, until now.

This new application has been launched on the Microsoft Store, in preview form for the time being, and is designed for Windows 11 users to access their cloud PCs conveniently from their devices. Not just access them, but easily manage all aspects.

Announcing this arrival, a Tech Community post provides a lowdown:

“With Windows 365 app, you can access your Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or the Start menu, enjoying a full Windows 11 experience while moving between your local and Cloud PCs. Supported by all Windows 11 devices, the app delivers high-performing and reliable experiences optimized for Microsoft Teams and your other Microsoft 365 apps.”

Granular details are, however, available in this other post that goes into elaborate detail on how this app works, what it offers, and how to get access to it to manage and run your Windows 365 PC in the cloud.

It explains how engineers over at Microsoft worked for a year to provide a seamless end user experience that not only feels immersive with Windows but allows IT administrators to reduce friction in enabling employees to run their Cloud PCs.

You get the ability to use a virtual computer in window or full-screen mode, and there are actions to restart, reset, restore, and rename them. Troubleshooting is also built-in.

There is support for Azure Active Directory multifactor authentication and Microsoft Authenticator for secure access to the Cloud PCs, to go with a direct single sign-on experience. Integration with Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps is also on offer.

What is not on offer is support for Windows 10, as this app only runs on Windows 11. All variants of the latest operating system, except Windows 11 IoT, that is.

Microsoft hopes that the availability of these valuable features will entice Windows 365 customers to prefer using this app rather than using the Remote Desktop client to access their Cloud PCs.

The official Windows 365 app is available directly from the official site.

Or you can instantly download it from the Microsoft Store below to take the preview for a spin.

Download: Windows 365

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